I AM To Be What I AM…

Water from Holy Mountaintop springs heeding His relentless call, Leaping from cliffs Liquid, solid, mist – as required Spinning top balanced securely on pin Earth’s fluid core drawing all of creation inward   Liquid, solid, mist – as required Glacier’s slow progress sculpting canyons, rivers, oceans and mountains Earth’s fluid core drawing all of creation… Continue reading I AM To Be What I AM…



The days grow colder now The wind more brusk Biting My life feels colder now Less apt toward warmth No more small, sweet, child bodies to warm me To suckle at my breast To give me purpose A place Usefulness Bellies to fill Wounds to soothe Tears to dry Laughter to hear The prime of… Continue reading One

In Your Hand

Lord, I’ve come to the realization That I don’t know anyone. Though I want to love and be loved, I approach everyone With so much of my own self-chatter And warped view of who they are. Like a movie projector, I see rejection, Judgment, Manipulation And lies. In reality, I reject, Judge, Manipulate And lie… Continue reading In Your Hand