The Meeting

Once upon a time, a mere woman -- a mother, alone -- looked out upon the horizon where she saw storm clouds gathering.  They were fierce, black and profoundly threatening.  Where she sat, she could only feel a mild, warm breeze on her skin and hair, while damp tropical air entered her nostrils and lungs. … Continue reading The Meeting



The days grow colder now The wind more brusk Biting My life feels colder now Less apt toward warmth No more small, sweet, child bodies to warm me To suckle at my breast To give me purpose A place Usefulness Bellies to fill Wounds to soothe Tears to dry Laughter to hear The prime of… Continue reading One

Autumn Teardrops

It’s autumn, Papa, The contrast of morning light and shadow Feeds my soul as it hungers for Your beauty. Deep dark and glowing light… Grief and joy Standing side by side On teardrop-shaped leaves Dangling from nearby branches. The light is warm. It permeates and caresses my body and soul The shadow, too, seems more… Continue reading Autumn Teardrops