Autumn Teardrops

It’s autumn, Papa,
The contrast of morning light and shadow
Feeds my soul as it hungers for Your beauty.

Deep dark and glowing light… Grief and joy
Standing side by side
On teardrop-shaped leaves
Dangling from nearby branches.

The light is warm.
It permeates and caresses my body and soul
The shadow, too, seems more intense.
My own tears are energized by the glow
Of Your impassioned and radiant love
So that the circumscribed shadow
Serves only to enhance their beauty

Basking in the light of this Love throughout the summer
And drinking in the water of Your Word
I am energized.
I grow…
Becoming more rooted in You…
In Love

Fall progresses…
Tears and leaves spill into the soil
Making it responsive to the light of spring
When Son calls Soul from her tomb
“Come Forth!”

All things will one day be made new
When tear-drop leaves
No longer Fall
Until then…hope springs new life


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